Basketball Ticket Themed 30th Birthday Invitations

30th Birthday Invite Oklahoma City Thunder Basketball Ticket Invitation

Themed invitations are one of the best ways to let your guests know what they are in for! These basketball ticket invites I was fortunate to design for a 30th truly portrays the passion and personality of the birthday boy.

When going for a theme for anything, you need to go into those finer details to pull it off.

In these invites, we ran with the idea of it was the guest's ticket to the event, so naturally, they were designed as a longer thinner card. The wording on the invite was even slanted towards the basketball court with terms like 'stadium' for the location, 'tip-off' for date and time and 'RSVP to Coach...'.

The colours chosen were those of the birthday boy's favourite team, Oklahoma City Thunder, and it wouldn't be a milestone birthday without an embarrassing photo on there!

These unique and fun projects are some of my favourite to design.

What are some of the best themed invitations you have seen?

- Lavinia

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