Inspiration: Watercolours & Inks

Watercolours take me back to my childhood. Back when mum and dad would buy me the $10 art suitcase sets that a creative kid could only dream of!

It had everything; pencils, crayons, textas, glue, scissors, sharpener, eraser, ruler and of course, watercolours and a paint brush.

These days I've traded them in for some pots of ink, but lets be honest, its essentially the same process. Dip the brush in some water, add the colour and paint.

No matter how many times I see designs using watercolours and inks, or however common the style is now, I still admire the work.

These are some of my favourites at the moment;

Image credit: Instagram – katerina_mihailina_07​

Image credit: RejoicingCrafts

Image credit: Etsy – Littlecatdraw

Have you created or seen some great watercolour or ink paintings?


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