Why you should commission a local qualified designer versus using an online service

A friend recently told me of how one of her close friends recently purchased her wedding invitations off a template-based site, only for her to receive them with the wrong information on them; the staff at the site had mistakenly corrected WA (referring to Western Australia) to Washington (in the USA!) Yes, it was the suppliers mistake, and yes, they reprinted them with the correct information, but does that make it right?

My answer? No.

1. Its all in the details

A good graphic designer will ask the questions a computer just wont. "Just want to double check that your wedding is in Western Australia, not Washington?"

As silly as it sounds, this is a valid question as more and more couples are choosing overseas locations to tie the knot, and well, you just never know.

They will also ask you questions you had never though of, potentially saving a re-do later down the track and overall saving you time and money.

2. You'll have more options

Ever wanted to view and touch samples before forking over your hard earned cash on something? Choosing a local designer means you can meet up with them in person and see exactly what you are getting. See the quality and make a decision from there.

3. Supporting YOUR economy

I hear it time and time again how we don't like the government or big corporations sending jobs overseas for jobs we can do here on our own shores, but when it comes to our own money, we are more than happy to sources these services elsewhere. Most of the time the local graphic designer is running their own business, trying to support a mortgage and possibly a family. So give back to your community and support your neighbour.

If you're looking for a local designer, ask around your circle of friends, colleagues or check on Facebook groups (such as Find a Graphic Designer in Perth), and I'm sure you'll get at least one contact.

Have you had a overseas design mishap?


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