TBT: What went into creating the Spire logo

Majority of the time, designing a logo is no simple task. More times than not you will create a few different designs and many variations of them. The Spire logo was no exception.

Spire Coaching and Development Logo

Genevieve from Spire was fantastic to work with. She had a clear vision of what she was after and it gave us a great foundation to design the logo. Gen even provided some sketches!

I am always a bit old school when it comes to designing. I will do my research, then grab a pencil and sketch book to jot down some ideas. Once I have a couple I like, I then move into the digital space and create more refined concepts.

I have a rule from here; don't present anything to the client you are not happy with! If you are truely happy with your designs, it will show.

Here were my initial concepts presented for the Spire logo;

Although the final logo didn't look like any of these, it gives the client an idea of what aspects of the design they like and don't, and also gives us a point to work from.

Here are more revisions of the logo before the final design was chosen;

And as the design process doesn't stop there, here are the concepts for Gen's business card design. We played with quite a few options here, Gen choosing which one appealed to her most.

Overall we achieved a fantastic result that both client and designer were happy with!


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