Passion Project: Recipe Book

Everybody needs a passion project. My salesman husband does woodwork (he's currently building model grand national cars), my school teacher best friend writes a food blog (check her out here), and well me, I create design projects I secretly wish people commissioned me to do.

My first passion project was most likely my recipe book. For as long as I can remember, I used to stand on a chair on the opposite side of our kitchen bench and watch my mum cook and bake. There were countless times when my two brothers and I would sneak a piece or two of raw cut-up potato (yes, raw – we're odd like that!), grab a slice of fresh cut Italian bread (I can still hear my mum "We're about to eat dinner, don't eat all the bread!"), or fight over who got the lick the beaters after mum finished mixing up a cake.

One of mum's original hand written recipes

Needless to say, I was brought up around food, and I loved it. As I got older, I'm talking about 14-15 years old, I would experiment in the kitchen. I would cook up these outrageous meals for the family from ingredients found in the pantry and fridge. Some not so bad, some not so good. I even used to stay up late and watch cooking shows on TV and actually couldn't wait to try and replicate the recipe the next day. Most times I usually adapted them a bit to suit our tastes. One recipe I remember was a zucchini pasta with anchovies. Who eats anchovies? They were removed immediately! If I had to pin point a time when I realised I could 'cook', this was it.

During my discovery for a love of food and cooking, of course all of these recipes had to be documented in my very own cook book! Looking back, I always had an interest in art and design, but until you grow up and realise not everyone typed out their recipes and designed them in Word as a teenager, you think everyone does it. Every page had a title, ingredients list and method, along with it's very on clip-art image to compliment the recipe. I would print these out and insert them into a A4 display folder. I still have the original print outs to this day.

Old recipe books from Home Economics in high school, and printed recipes I did as a young teenager.

Fourteen years on, here I am. A lot has changed but one thing remains the same – my first passion project, "My Recipe Book" is yet to be completed. I have studied graphic design, I moved out of home, married the love of my life, started my business while working full time, gave birth to a beautiful daughter and we have another one on the way. Over these years I have refined my cooking and my recipes, and have definitely added to the list I would love to include in the book. Most parents know that once you have a child, your dreams tend to be put on hold. My recipe book unfortunately has been one of those dreams, however I do revisit my working files every few months and make my changes and additions.

The great thing about passion projects in that there is no deadline, and there never will be. That's the best part! But I do believe I will get there in the end, and will be sure to share it with you all.

Do you have a passion project you are working on? How long has it been in the making?


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