FOTM: Storyteller

The Storyteller font developed by designer Elena Genova was really love at first sight for me. I am a sucker for handcrafted typefaces, and this one comes with enough swishes, swashes and swirls to make your heart skip a beat.

The family consists of 33 fonts in total; 6 script, 2 script fills, 1 brush, 17 sans-serifs, 4 serifs, 1 serif fill and 2 design elements.

The script and brush fonts are elegant and classic, yet give off a playful vibe. The serif and sans-serif faces give off a very whimsical feel, I can't help but think of Alice in Wonderland when I see these! Last but not least, the design elements – birds, rabbits, flowers, leaves, balloons, hearts, borders, swirls, circles and a tonne more. These truly make this font family something special.

This set will slide quite nicely into my rapidly growing font collection, and no doubt will pop up in my future designs!

Here are some more examples of Storyteller. Following images courtesy of

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