Logo Design Brief


Providing plenty of information and the right details can be the difference between a good logo and a great logo. These simple yet important questions will help create a design brief needed to understand your requirements and build the foundations of your perfect logo.


1. Describe the concept, product or service this logo is intended to provide or promote.

2. What word(s), letter(s) or icon(s) should be included in the logo?

3. What is your tagline or slogan (if you have one)?

4. Who are your customers? (i.e., age, sex, job titles, social/economic conditions, employment, geographic concentration, etc.)

5. Who is your competition?

6. Are there any production considerations? (i.e., needs to work as one colour or at very small sizes, etc.) 

7. Where will your new logo be used?

8. Do you have any colours in mind for your logo? (if so, why?):

9. Do you have any colours that you would NOT like to see? (if so, why?):

10. Do you have any specific images or icons in mind that you would definitely like to see incorporated into your logo?

11. What are some logos you like/dislike? What is it that you like/dislike about them?

12. Additional notes/comments:

13. Please provide any relevant documents (such as images) below by clicking "UPLOAD".


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